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Mike Tudor - Camp Manager

Mike has been the Camp Manager at Gavin Lake for 27 years.  He lives on site with his wife Jenny.  They raised 3 sons while living and managing Gavin Lake camp. 

Mike is enthusiastic about educating youth in outdoor education.  He is a flexible manager, capable of changing the curriculum to meet the age and skill levels of students to teach them more about nature, the environment and science topics.  Adept at leading others, keeping students in line and effectively managing the time allotted for each group.

If you have any questions about Gavin Lake camp, renting the facilities, or would like to donate money or time, please send a message to Mike using the button below or email

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We could use help to make Gavin Lake even better.  Do you have time to assist with the following:

  • Trail Maintenance

  • Wood Splitting

  • Fundraising

  • Trades (electrician, plumber, carpenter) 

  • Leading Students on the Forest Discovery Trail

Please contact Mike to volunteer!

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